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Re: [O] feature proposal. Kill and yank columns

From: Uwe Brauer
Subject: Re: [O] feature proposal. Kill and yank columns
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2016 10:48:55 +0000
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   > Hi!

   > Some time ago I wrote this function:

   > (defun mw-org-table-mark-column ()
   >   "Mark the column containing point.
   > This works only in org tables.

   > For tables with horizontal lines this function can fail."
   >   (interactive)
   >   (unless (org-at-table-p) (user-error "Not at a table"))
   >   (org-table-find-dataline)
   >   (org-table-check-inside-data-field)
   >   (let* ((col (org-table-current-column))
   >          (beg (org-table-begin))
   >     (end (org-table-end)))
   >     (goto-char beg)
   >     (org-table-goto-column col)
   >     (re-search-backward "|" nil t)
   >     (push-mark)
   >     (goto-char (1- end))
   >     (org-table-goto-column (1+ col))
   >     (re-search-backward "|" nil t)
   >     (exchange-point-and-mark)))

   > If you do M-x mw-org-table-mark-column followed by C-x SPACE in a
   > table-cell you (hopefully) the column gets marked.

   > This might be a start.

That is cool, thanks, unfortunately some of my tables contain horizontal
lines, but this is not really very essential for me.

   > HTH,

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