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Re: [O] exported table has text overflowing off the pdf page

From: Eduardo Mercovich
Subject: Re: [O] exported table has text overflowing off the pdf page
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2016 17:50:24 -0300
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Hi Sharon.

>>>>> I'm running into problems exporting tables into latex with a 2-column
>>>>> 3-row table with a large amount of text to go into the cells, but when
>>>>> its exported the text is taking over and overflowing off the pdf page.

>> I'm a newbie and confronted to this same situation found this latex
>> options [...]

> Thanks Eduardo, as I said I'm converting a latex document into org-mode,
> so I've already got quite complex tables working in latex, so I'm just
> pasting them into my org document and then having a '#+begin_latex'
> before the latexed table and a '#+end_latex' after the table,

Ah, sorry, didn't understood that. :)

> and its working quite well except I am, so far, unable to have a 'list
> of tables' which isn't a real problem.

Do you have a #+CAPTION and #+NAME: before the latex block? I believe
this should work with Thomas suggestion to make a LoT... 

eduardo mercovich 

 Donde se cruzan tus talentos 
 con las necesidades del mundo, 
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