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Re: [O] Bug: Inconsistency with C-S-a and C-S-e [8.2.10 (release_8.2.10

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] Bug: Inconsistency with C-S-a and C-S-e [8.2.10 (release_8.2.10 @ /usr/local/Cellar/emacs-mac/emacs-24.5-z-mac-5.15/share/emacs/24.5/lisp/org/)]
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2016 23:29:56 +0200


Mathieu Marques <address@hidden> writes:

> In other modes, C-S-a and C-S-e behave as expected that is, move cursor
> to the beginning/end of line while marking region. In other words, it
> does what C-SPC C-a and C-SPC C-e would do.
> However in org-mode, C-a and C-e are bound to org-beginning-of-line and
> org-end-of-line respectively.
> In org-mode, C-S-e works as expected. But C-S-a does not.
> I have had these details over a discussion about my issue on /r/emacs:
>     The interactive arg for both org-beginning-of-line and
>     org-end-of-line is "P". So it carries over the raw arguments
>     received by the command. So ^ is not needed. The reason C-S-e still
>     works as expected is because of (call-interactively 'end-of-line) in
>     org-end-of-line, and so the raw args are passed to end-of-line
>     without any modification.
>     ~~Whereas we do not have (call-interactively 'beginning-of-line) in
>     org-beginning-of-line~~.
>     *Well, we do have (call-interactively 'move-beginning-of-line)*.
>     Instead we have goto-char calls to place the point before/after the
>     stars.

Fixed in master. Thank you.


Nicolas Goaziou

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