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Re: [O] Question on nested-blocks syntax

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] Question on nested-blocks syntax
Date: Fri, 06 May 2016 14:01:43 +0200

Albert Krewinkel <address@hidden> writes:

> Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> writes:

>> I don't think so. It would introduce unnecessary complexity.
> I guess that makes sense.  Too bad, though.

My answer was terse. Let me elaborate a bit.

There are a few issues that come to mind when considering this. 

First, you cannot use regexps to parse an example block anymore. You
have to read a line after another until you find the end of the block.
This is more complex.

Also, it defeats the "-i" flag, which allows an user to ignore
indentation in an example block.

In any case, as long as fontification is not based on top of the parser,
I think we should refrain from introducing too deep changes in the
syntax without a serious motivation (e.g., speed concerns, or ambiguous
cases) behind it. I sympathize with aesthetics concerns, Org syntax,
particularly blocks, is "massive", but I think this is not a sufficient
motivation here.


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