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Re: [O] (version 3) [PATCH] New feature: Use dvisvgm to preview latex fo

From: Feng Shu
Subject: Re: [O] (version 3) [PATCH] New feature: Use dvisvgm to preview latex formular
Date: Mon, 16 May 2016 13:32:42 +0800
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Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> writes:

> In any case, I suggest to create a new variable
> `org-latex-preview-process' for that.

`org-latex-preview-process' is a good idea, which make org-latex
beginner easily, i will add it.

>> (org-latex-compile): Add a new optional argument: caller-info,
>>                      which used to record the caller's info
> In the same vein, I suggest to extract it out from ox-latex and use
> a dedicated command for that.

I suggest to add (:generator my-generator-function) style configure
to `org-latex-pdf-process', it is simple and powerful feature, we
can use this feature to switch latex commands dynamicially, for example:

(defun my-latex-pdf-process-generator (texfile snippet extra-info)
   ((<a>) (<org-latex-pdf-process-style-command1>)
   ((<b>) (<org-latex-pdf-process-style-command2>)))))

although we can set org-latex-pdf-process to a function to do the same work,
but this function is hard to write as org-latex-compile, it may only
useful for developer instead of user....

caller-info argument is for the above feature.

>> (org-create-formula-image): Big refactor, merge dvipng and imagemagick 
>> backend's feature.
>>                             Add dvisvgm feature.
> Good news. This part was begging for a refactor. A couple (or more) of
> tests would be nice too.


>> +
>> +(defalias 'org-latex-preview-ltxpng-directory 
>> 'org-latex-preview-ltximg-directory)
>> +(make-obsolete 'org-latex-preview-ltxpng-directory 
>> 'org-latex-preview-ltximg-directory
>> +           "Org mode version 9.0")
> See `make-obsolete-variable'.

Remove the above two and only use the below *one* ?

 "Set `org-latex-preview-ltximg-directory' instead." "25.1")

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