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Re: [O] Repeated tasks

From: N. Raghavendra
Subject: Re: [O] Repeated tasks
Date: Mon, 16 May 2016 23:43:31 +0530
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At 2016-05-13T22:07:58+02:00, Leandro Noferini wrote:

> "N. Raghavendra" <address@hidden> writes:
>> Is there a way to specify the timestamp for a repeated task which has
>> to be done on the second Sunday of every month?  I'd like the todo
>> state of the task to go back to TODO after it has been marked DONE, as
>> described in the section on repeated tasks in the Org manual.
> You can use sexp expressions: look at the chapter 8.3 of the manual, 8.3
> Deadlines and scheduling
> For example I use this expression for the first sunday of every month:
> <%%(diary-float t 0 1)>

Thanks for the reply.  Yes, I know this diary-sexp, but the trouble with
it is that after I change the state of such a task to DONE, it remains
DONE.  What I want is that when I change the state to DONE, the task
must be rescheduled for the second Sunday of the next month, and the
state reverted to TODO.  This will be like the repeated task
functionality described in the manual.


N. Raghavendra <address@hidden>, http://www.retrotexts.net/
Harish-Chandra Research Institute, http://www.hri.res.in/

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