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[O] Bug: XML entities in the ox-rss exporter

From: Arun Isaac
Subject: [O] Bug: XML entities in the ox-rss exporter
Date: Wed, 18 May 2016 00:50:28 +0530
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The ox-rss exporter does not replace characters (such as < , > , etc.)
by their corresponding XML entities (&lt; , &gt; , etc.) in the <title>
field of the generated XML.

For example, the following org file, when exported, will produce invalid
XML where the <title> field still contains the disallowed "<" character.

----- org file begins here -----
* Foo <- Bar

Some text
----- org file ends here -----

I'm guessing the ox-rss backend similarly fails to handle XML entities
in other fields as well.

I can provide a patch for this. But, do I use an external library like
xmlgen (https://github.com/philjackson/xmlgen), or do I write my own
find and replace functions like those in ox-html? I think the xmlgen
based approach provides better abstraction and avoids reinventing XML
generation. But, it will introduce an additional dependency.

Please provide thoughts and suggestions.

Thank you,
Arun Isaac.

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