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[O] Dynamic #+INCLUDE content loading when revealing subsection

From: Steve Moreau
Subject: [O] Dynamic #+INCLUDE content loading when revealing subsection
Date: Thu, 19 May 2016 09:35:53 +0200


I have a question regarding the include of sub .org files into a main file.
As for now, I know it is possible to do that with

**** include file

#+INCLUDE: "archives.org"

The target can be opened with C-c ' into another buffer (which runs the command org-edit-special)

Alternatively, is it possible somehow to load the target file *content* dynamically on revealing the subsection with TAB (as it was part of the current buffer).
For example, with an unknown tag such as:

**** archives.org                                                           :INCLUDE

Then, revealing this section would load, shift, and insert the archives.org tree below ****

I may learn, bind the shortcut, or make a macro to do that but I was just wondering if it already exists or if you could suggest a better way I didn't think of, especially for the fact that once loaded/revealed, the buffer is like there was just a single file (which is better for me to search stuff).

Finally, if it doesn't exist and you think it would be nice to have, would you please suggest an entry point in the source code to start digging ?

Have a nice day!

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