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Re: [O] problem with org-table-export

From: Rasmus
Subject: Re: [O] problem with org-table-export
Date: Sat, 28 May 2016 11:24:25 +0200
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Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your bug report.

Andreas Amann <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi list,
> whenever I use
> M-x org-table-export
> inside a table, the buffer is marked "modified".  
> This is even the case if no modifications are done to the buffer by
> exporting the table.  
> This problem happens since at least two years and possibly longer and
> persists with the current git version of org-mode.
> As it is quite annoying in my workflow, I tried to investigate the
> problem.  Looking at the definition of org-table-export in
> lisp/org-table.el the problem seems to be that the line
>    (org-table-align)             ; Make sure we have everything we need.
> which seems to always set the modified flag, irrespective of real
> changes being done. When I comment out this line or surround it with
> (org-with-silent-modifications  ... ), then the buffer remains clean.
> However both solutions likely introduce other problems.
> I guess the proper solution would be to improve org-table-align to not
> unnecessarily set the "modified" flag, but I would not know how to do
> this.

It sounds rather plausible. AFAIR, org-table basically deletes and redraws
the table (but I didn’t check the code), which would modify the buffer.
Perhaps org-table-align could run in a temporary buffer and only inserted
the "new" table if it the result differs from what’s already in the

Andreas, do you want to try to fix this issue?


In theory, practice and theory are the same. In practice they are not

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