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Re: [O] Trouble evaluating R source code blocks with C-c C-c

From: Vikas Rawal
Subject: Re: [O] Trouble evaluating R source code blocks with C-c C-c
Date: Sun, 29 May 2016 07:32:24 +0530

> On 28-May-2016, at 7:57 pm, William Denton <address@hidden> wrote:
> On 28 May 2016, Vikas Rawal wrote:
>> Thanks John. Appreciate that you cared to respond to such a vague query. I 
>> am at a loss with this one. It does not happen all the time. I think it 
>> happens when I am processing large datasets, and CPUs and RAM of my system 
>> are struggling to keep up. But I could be wrong.
> I've had the same kind of thing happen---but C-g (sometimes many) to kill the 
> command, then rerunning, usually works without any trouble.  Some strange 
> combination of CPU and RAM and all that, the kind of thing that's not easily 
> reproducible.

This seems to be write. Upgrading ess did not help.

The odd thing is that running the same code by doing C-‘ to open a temporary R 
buffer and running to code from there works fine. But then I come back to the 
org buffer, C-c C-c, and the whole thing just freezes. The R session shows that 
the code is running. I have to use C-g in the org-buffer, which releases the 
org buffer, and C-c several times in the R session, to stop the commands. If I 
have waited enough, doing C-c C-c at the end in the R session ends the command 
and actually shows the output of the last command in R buffer. Which means that 
the last command had been completed. But the output was not inserted in the org 
buffer, and R was going on doing something.

Let me try ‘debug-on-quit'


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