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[O] assign tags via helm/avy?

From: Xebar Saram
Subject: [O] assign tags via helm/avy?
Date: Sun, 29 May 2016 18:00:29 +0300

Hi guys

i have a bunch of tags i define via

     ("@home" . ?h)
     ("@work" . ?w)
     ("@pc" . ?p)
     ("@family" . ?f)
     ("@shop" . ?s)

    ("allan" . ?a)
    ("bob" . ?o)
    ("joel" . ?j)
    ("david" . ?d)
    ("boris" . ?b)
    ("massimo" . ?s)

anyone know of a way to quick add tags via a helm/avy interface?

right now its quite cumbersome to press C-c then C-c to see a list of all tags. also some tags have the same key (?a) and then its impossible to select the 2nd one

thx alot in advance


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