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Re: [O] Some LaTeX Beamer / org-mode questions

From: Rainer M Krug
Subject: Re: [O] Some LaTeX Beamer / org-mode questions
Date: Mon, 30 May 2016 11:06:48 +0200
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Florian Lindner <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello,
> I'm working on my first presentation using org mode together with latex
> beamer (until now, I produce the slide using beamer only).

Same as me - beamer in org is really niche when you get the hang of it
(still not completely there).

> The top of my org file looks like that:
> #+startup: beamer
> #+LATEX_CLASS: beamer
> #+LATEX_CLASS_OPTIONS: [presentation]
> #+BEAMER_THEME: Boadilla
> #+LATEX_HEADER: \author[me]{\underline{me}, co1, co2}
> #+LATEX_HEADER: \title[short title]{multi line long title}
> #+LATEX_HEADER: \subtitle{subtitle}
> #+LATEX_HEADER: \institute[short institute]{multi line long institute}

You could use
#+BEAMER_HEADER: instead of #+LATEX_HEADER: - makes it clearer and is
only inserted when exporting to beamer.

> This works so far, except the title. Since I do not set a title using
> #+TITLE, org-mode sets a default \title{presentation}. How can I omit that?
> Is there a more elegant way to achieve the settings like above? Especially
> - The short and version of title, author and institute.
> - The multi line (\\) formatting
> - The subtitle

Don't know - but wopuld really like to know as well.


> Thanks!
> Florian

Rainer M. Krug
email: Rainer<at>krugs<dot>de
PGP: 0x0F52F982

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