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[O] Org-agenda-sorting: can I sort by inactive timestamps?

From: Martin Beck
Subject: [O] Org-agenda-sorting: can I sort by inactive timestamps?
Date: Mon, 30 May 2016 14:27:01 +0200

I'm using inactive timestamps to show the creation date of a new heading and also to show the modification dates with some short text notes about the progress in there:
* Headings Test
<2016-05-30 Mo 13:18>
* Heading 1
[2016-05-30 Mo 13:21]
* Heading 2
[2016-05-30 Mo 13:16]
* Heading 3
[2016-05-30 Mo 13:16]
* TODO Find out about sorting by timestamp
[2016-05-30 Mo 13:12]
[2016-05-30 Mo 14:22]
posted question to org-mode users group
I tried the timestamp-up/timestamp-down sorting criteria in my agenda, but they seem to ignore the inactive timestamps:
("r" "Refile" tags "+refile+LEVEL=1"
      ((org-agenda-overriding-header "Refile")
I also tried to use the table-view of the agenda, but in the column "timestamp" it only shows the active timestamp of the first heading.
- is it possible to use inactive timestamps for sorting the agenda?
- what happens if I have several timestamps (active or inactive) in one heading? Will org-mode take the first/last one in the plain text "code" or the newest or oldest one by date?
Both could make sense to me, so it would be interesting to have both possibilities..
Kind regards

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