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[O] Trouble with capture template and prompt

From: Bart Bunting
Subject: [O] Trouble with capture template and prompt
Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2016 20:20:09 +1000
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I have the following capture template defined in the customize

It used to work ok but now gives a cryptic (well at least to me) error:

I've narrowed down the bit that is breaking to the title prompt

Can anyone point out what I'm doing wrong.

I'm running org-mode from master compiled this morning.

This is not a new problem it's been around for a while I just haven't
tried to chase it down.

Here is the custom definition:

INS DEL Choice: Value Menu Template entry:
            Keys           : t
            Description    : todo
            Capture Type   : Value Menu Org entry
            Target location: Value Menu File:
            Filename       : Value Menu Literal: ~/.org/refile.org
            Template       : Value Menu String: * TODO %^{Todo} 
            [ ] Key: :prepend t
            [ ] Key: :immediate-finish t
            [ ] Key: :jump-to-captured t
            [ ] Key: :empty-lines 1
            [ ] Key: :empty-lines-before 1
            [ ] Key: :empty-lines-after 1
            [X] Key: :clock-in t
            [ ] Key: :clock-keep t
            [X] Key: :clock-resume t
            [ ] Key: :unnarrowed t
            [ ] Key: :table-line-pos t
            [ ] Key: :kill-buffer t

The error that is shown in the messages buffer is:

Template key: 
Capture abort: (error Key sequence C-c ! starts with non-prefix key C-c) 

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards

Bart Bunting

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