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Re: [O] mailing list search given problems with gmane?

From: Charles Millar
Subject: Re: [O] mailing list search given problems with gmane?
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2016 18:32:57 -0400
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On 09/07/2016 05:03 PM, Nick Dokos wrote:
Eric S Fraga <address@hidden> writes:

On Tuesday,  6 Sep 2016 at 11:07, Charles Millar wrote:
The mail list search has been broken for more than one year (close to
two). I and others have asked that it be repaired and nothing has
Are you sure it's been broken that long?  I don't use it often but I
thought I used it more recently than that.  Oh well, doesn't matter;
just curious.  The key is that it's broken now but at least there are

I'm not sure whether Charles is referring to Gmane search or the
lists.gnu.org search: I understood it to be the latter. If he indeed
means the latter, I can agree that it seems broken.  It might just be
that the index is not being rebuilt regularly, or there might be some
deeper problem, but I have found it to be unusable.
Yes I did mean lists.gnu.org. Since April 2015, at least, I have occasionally gone to the search engine for that list to see if it has been repaired and I have had no luck. Either it has never been repaired or I somehow mange to chose just the "right" time when it is down, again.
Gmane (while it was still alive) broke a few times but it was always
repaired fairly quickly (I nagged Lars a couple of times about it, so
I may have indirectly contributed to him giving up in disgust ;-) ).
Now that Gmane is being resurrected[1], I hope that things will be
more or less back to normal in fairly short order.

[1] see another post of mine in this thread - although bear in mind
     that my posts seem to take 12 hours to appear on the list; no
     idea why.
Great! Then I can find who first reported that lists.gnu.org search was not working and when. I know that it wasn't me.

As I recall Nicolas G. suggested that I contact whoever maintained the list (he gave the address) and report this. I did, but no response.

Charlie Millar

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