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Re: [O] Embedded LaTeX fontification

From: Kai von Fintel
Subject: Re: [O] Embedded LaTeX fontification
Date: Fri, 09 Sep 2016 12:44:06 -0400

On 9 Sep 2016, at 11:48, Eric S Fraga wrote:

On Friday, 9 Sep 2016 at 12:06, Kai von Fintel wrote:
When I embed LaTeX code in a #+BEGIN_SRC latex block and
org-src-fontify-natively is set to t, the code is fontified as LaTeX
code. But when the code is embedded in a #+BEGIN_LaTeX block, there's
no fontification. Is that as intended? Am I missing some setting? Or
could that functionality be added?
What version of org are you using? In latest versions, begin_latex is
#+begin_export latex
and this does fontify correctly for me.

Hmm, I thought I was up to date: Org-mode version 8.3.5 (8.3.5-8-gd2cb29-elpaplus @ /Users/fintel/.emacs.d/elpa/org-plus-contrib-20160905/). I guess I have to somehow get Spacemacs to use the bleeding edge version of org rather than the latest stable version?

-- Kai.

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