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Re: [O] iOrg

From: Thorsten Jolitz
Subject: Re: [O] iOrg
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2016 22:50:57 +0200
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Adam Porter <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Adam,

> Thorsten Jolitz <address@hidden> writes:
>> [WARNING: this is an extremely long post with lots of boxquotes that 
>> might turn out unreadable, you might want to consider this as spam 
>> and just ignore it]
> Hi Thorsten,
> I guess I have missed iOrg before, because this looks very interesting!
> If I understand correctly, iOrg runs a web server written in PicoLisp
> which presents a set of Org files as an editable wiki in a browser?

iOrg is two things:

 - the PicoLisp Wiki (which is a lightweight but complete application
   with user-, role-, document-, version-management, authentication,
   etc.) with Org-mode syntax, where you can create, edit and (full text)
   search wiki pages as Org files that are stored as BLOBS in the
   PicoLisp database and viewed as HTML in the browser.

- a database application that maps textbased Org-mode files to an
   object-oriented class hierarchy, where each headline presents an
   object (instance) of class +OrgHeadline, and each file presents an
   object (instance) of class +OrgData, and the tree structure of an Org
   file is represented by links between these objects.

> If so, this opens up a world of possibilities.  Imagine having your
> personal Org files (at least, ones without very personal data) editable
> on your personal web server from any computer, even one without Emacs
> installed (including mobile devices)!  You could edit your Org files
> from any system, then sync changes with Git when you get home and
> continue editing in Emacs.

>From my point of view, Org-mode's greatest strength (being integrated in
powerful Emacs) is kind of a weakness too. Did you ever try to write Org
syntax without any editor support? Not very comfortable ... your idea
seems perfectly valid to me when its about editing the headline
properties of an +OrgHeadline object in the browser, but not so much for
writing lengthy an syntax rich content of a headline. There you really
need Emacs for editing ... 

> I feel like I've seen a similar project before, one not based on
> PicoLisp...I think it ran from within Emacs...I'd have to google it up
> again.  But I don't think it was nearly as advanced as this.

There are several Emacs Web Servers. They can't be as advanced as this
because they would have to compete with the PicoLisp application
programming framework and its underlying object-oriented lisp database,
which is a tough task.

> Anyway, if I could make one suggestion to help get things going again,
> it would be to add a bit more info to the readme so that visitors can
> immediately understand what it's about.  :)

Thats a good suggestion, but actually I did not want that, because its a
bit too early. Its not yet version 0.9 for public announcement, maybe
0,8? I was surprised how good it worked yesterday, did not touch it for
a long time, there is not missing too much.


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