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[O] Building big document from multiple files

From: Christophe Garion
Subject: [O] Building big document from multiple files
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2016 15:51:34 +0200
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I have been using Orgmode for several years as a planner/organizer and I
am currently writing lecture notes with Orgmode for the first time. The
lecture notes are splitted into chapters and target different audiences,
so all chapters will be included for some students and selected chapters
for others.

I think the simplest approach is to write an unique file with all
chapters and to put tags on headline to precise which chapter should be
exported for which group of students

# Options for LaTeX export etc.

* Chapter 1      :std1:std2:
* Chapter 2      :std1:

and then to include this file in an org file for each group of
students. For instance, for std1 group:

#+TITLE: My title for std1

#+INCLUDE: "./main_file.org"

With this approach, I can easily export some chapters individually if
I want by setting the EXPORT_TITLE property for each headline.

Following my old LaTeX practises, I was wondering if it is possible to
write one org file per chapter like that (e.g. chapter1.org):

#+TITLE: Chapter title

* Section 1
* Section 2

And then create the lecture notes in the following way:

#+TITLE: Lecture notes title for std1

#+INCLUDE: "./chapter1.org"
#+INCLUDE: "./chapter2.org"

using the TITLE property defined in chapter1.org as section title. For
the moment, the TITLE properties of the chapter are concatenated into
the title of the main file.

Of course, if this idea is stupid, do not hesitate ;)



Christophe Garion
GPG: 1982 15B2 64AC 3C34 532D  BF19 6CD6 246C 62DA 5A7F

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