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Re: [O] Disable org-babel-inline-result-wrap per inline code?

From: Nick Dokos
Subject: Re: [O] Disable org-babel-inline-result-wrap per inline code?
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 10:11:26 -0400
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"David A. Gershman" <address@hidden> writes:

> Forgive my several questions/emails.  I'm working on getting lecture
> notes ready for next week and thus am running into several questions
> with Org HTML Export.  Unfortunately, my searches typically result
> in manual page hits, but my problems seem to be a-typical.  So...
> Given the following line:
> * Date: src_perl[:results output :exports none]{print 2016;}
> The result '2016' is surrounded by '=' so that HTML export results
> in <code></code> tags surrounding the '2016'. 

I think that should be :exports results, not none.

> According to the manual section 14.5, 'org-babel-inline-result-wrap'
> defines how the results are wrapped.  Executing a (print
> org-babel-inline-result-wrap), I get:
>     {blank line}
>     =%s=
>     =%s=

C-h v org-babel-inline-result-wrap says that it has to have a %s in
it: you can't just set it to "".

> so I attempted the following:
>   * Date: src_emacs-lisp[:exports none]{(setq org-babel-inline-result-wrap 
> "")} src_perl[:results output :exports none]{print 2016;} 
> src_emacs-lisp[:exports none]{(setq
> org-babel-inline-result-wrap "=%s=")}

OTOH, modifying your attempt a bit to conform to the above did not work for me 

 * Date: src_emacs-lisp[:exports none :results none ]{(setq 
org-babel-inline-result-wrap "%s")} src_perl[:results output :exports 
results]{print 2016;} src_emacs-lisp[:exports none :results  none]{(setq 
org-babel-inline-result-wrap "=%s=")}

still gives me the <code></code> tags. When I C-c C-c by hand on the
lisp src blocks, the variable does change value, so I don't understand
why putting the whole thing together does not work.

> in the hopes of temporarily disabling the '=' wrapping.  Sadly no luck.
> I don't want to globally, or even for the whole buffer turn off the
> '=%s='...just on a case-by-case basis.
> Any ideas?
> --dag
> P.S.  In reality, 2016 will be replaced with a function call which
> takes an integer and converts it to a full blown date based on a
> starting point.  Thus, the headlines will result in "Date: September
> 20, 2016" where each date is different based on the integer.  This
> will allow me to set the starting date at the top of the .org file
> and all the date-based headlines can be computed.


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