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Re: [O] Add org-bookmark-heading to Org proper?

From: Adam Porter
Subject: Re: [O] Add org-bookmark-heading to Org proper?
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 18:40:22 -0500
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Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Nicholas,

> I think Org could benefit from a shrunk version of this library, i.e.,
> `org-bookmark-make-record' and `org-bookmark-jump'.
> However I'm not convinced about `org-bookmark-jump-indirect' since this
> variable complicates code and the same effect can be achieved easily
> once the destination headline is reached.
> Besides, the helm part doesn't really belong to Org. IIUC, it is not
> even needed if we drop support for `org-bookmark-jump-indirect', as
> suggested above.

Yes, the Helm-related code would certainly be left out.  I could propose
a patch to Thierry or make it a separate package on MELPA.

The indirect feature could be left out as well, but I find it so useful
that I think it might be worth including so that users can try it.  It
really transforms the way I use Org, especially in combination with some
other functions I have that use indirect buffers when jumping to items
from the agenda.  It wouldn't need to be enabled by default, of course.
But it's not strictly necessary, so I won't fight you on that if you
want to leave it out.  ;)  

> A few suggestions, after a cursory look:
> - please switch to lexical binding as all but one file in Org core,
> - it is "Org mode", not "org-mode"
> - `org-replace-links-in-string-with-desc' already exists, it is
>   (mis)called `org-link-display-format'
> - `assoc' -> `assq' when key is a symbol
> - if you create a marker, unset it once useless
> - first sentence in docstrings has to fit in the first line.

Thanks for reading through the code and finding these.  I'll go through
them soon and prepare a patch (which I'll post after doing the copyright

> Thank you for your work.

No, thank you!  :D

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