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[O] Name of code pieces when exported to PDF

From: claude fuhrer
Subject: [O] Name of code pieces when exported to PDF
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2016 16:28:57 +0200
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To explain a small program, I've broken it down into small pieces. My
org file looks something like

# =========================================================================
#+NAME MainClass
#+BEGIN_SRC java :noweb tangle :tangle Test.java
public class Test

some text

#+NAME secondBlock
#+BEGIN_SRC java :noweb tangle
    int a, b;

and then

#+NAME thirdBlock
#+BEGIN_SRC java :noweb tangle
    a = 17;
    b = a / 2;
# =========================================================================

Org-babel-tangle give me exactly what I want.

But, is it possible to have the "NAME" value displayed in the
lstlisting parameters when I export the org document as pdf ? I've
included the following lines in the beginning of my org file

#+LaTeX_HEADER:        numbers=left,
#+LaTeX_HEADER:        basicstyle=\footnotesize\ttfamily,
#+LaTeX_HEADER:        basicstyle=\ttfamily,
#+LaTeX_HEADER:        backgroundcolor=\color{LightYellow},
#+LaTeX_HEADER:        stringstyle=\color{blue},
#+LaTeX_HEADER:        frame=single,
#+LaTeX_HEADER:        columns=fullflexible,
#+LaTeX_HEADER:        numberstyle=\scriptsize\color{red},
#+LaTeX_HEADER:        commentstyle=\color{ForestGreen}}

The package listing provides a "title" or "caption" keyword, but I do
not know how to pass the "NAME" argument. Can you please help me or
give me a pointer ? Thank you in advance for your help.

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