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Re: [O] export of src block ignores :results

From: Charles C. Berry
Subject: Re: [O] export of src block ignores :results
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2016 09:32:48 -0700
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On Fri, 30 Sep 2016, Thomas Alexander Gerds wrote:

right, this is what changed and setting :eval never-export on a each
block solves the problem. however, the new way breaks all my existing

I don't follow this. What exactly is broken?

You know all the options for setting header args, right? System-wide, buffer-wide, etc. For buffer-wide setting, one line is all it takes:

: #+PROPERTY: header-args :eval never-export

(and remember to C-c C-c on that line whenever you insert/edit it)

is there a reason why the header args have to be ignored when
org-export-babel-evaluate is nil? or asking more directly: would it be
possible to have another option, e.g.,

(setq org-export-babel-evaluate 'never-eval-obey-header-args)

But that is what :eval never-export does.

such that the export process does never evaluate src code but header
arguments are always obeyed?

Possible, yes. But since it adds no new capability and makes the babel code more involved, there isn't the motivtion to do it.


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