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Re: [O] Bug: malformed property drawers [8.3.6 (8.3.6-3-gf46b92-elpa @ c

From: Colin Baxter
Subject: Re: [O] Bug: malformed property drawers [8.3.6 (8.3.6-3-gf46b92-elpa @ c:/Users/atamulis/.emacs.d/elpa/org-20160919/)]
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2016 06:43:54 +0100
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Hi  Andrius,

On Sun, Oct 02 2016, Tamulis, Andrius wrote:

> I hope this gets to the mailing list. I'm not sure how the mailing
> list works.
> As for the below,
>     1) I've just spent a lot of time trying various searches at the
> emacs-orgmode Archives, and reading through many pages of results, but
> I can't find the mailing list discussion mentioned below by
> Nicolas. Can anyone help? Until I read that, I won't comment further
> on whether it was a good idea to insist that PROPERTIES and dates
> immediatly follow the headline.
>     2) If there is good code for fixing the properties drawers, why
> isn't it in the org-agenda-set-property function? The code there now
> just creates new PROPERTIES drawers, ignoring existing ones.
> Thanks,
> Andrius
------- Snip -------

ORG-NEWS is located at /etc/ORG-NEWS in the git distribution. (It's not
obvious, I know.) I think Nicolas is referring to the information
beginning Line 536.

Best wishes,

Colin Baxter.

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