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[O] Repeating tasks with scheduled time

From: Arkady Grudzinsky
Subject: [O] Repeating tasks with scheduled time
Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2016 14:18:49 -0700
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Say, I have this TODO item which needs to be repeated every
evening after 20:00 and if it is not marked as DONE for several
days, I want it to be moved to the NEAREST 20:00 in the future,
i.e. to 20:00 TODAY if I mark it at noon.  I thought, this would
accomplish the goal:

* TODO Load and run the dishwasher
  SCHEDULED: <2016-10-03 Mon 20:00 .+1d>

Instead, marking this task as completed today at noon moves the
schedule to 20:00 TOMORROW instead of 20:00 TODAY although the
nearest 20:00 in the future is, technically, 20:00 TODAY.

Is there a way to change this behavior?


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