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[O] Remaining document problems

From: Peter Davis
Subject: [O] Remaining document problems
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2016 10:55:26 -0400

After days and days of wrestling with this, I still seem to be unable to
solve some basic problems:

A. Source code listings

1) Source code blocks: Using


works for HTML output, but not for LaTeX/PDF. It seems js is not
understood by the listings package, and I have to use java.

2) Even with java, the output is pretty ugly. Any way to get some color
in there?

B. Graphics

I've tried TikZ, GraphViz dot and ditaa. I believe TikZ has the most
potential, once I learn all the options and attributes. However, I'm
stuck on a couple of things:

1) How to I get TikZ graphics to fit on a page? The TikZ pictures are
always on a separate page in my org PDF output.

2) I'd really like to get all my graphics in SVG format, so the text
would be searchable, clickable, etc. However, I haven't found a way to
get TikZ output into SVG, or to get SVG into LaTeX. (Yes, I'm aware of
the svg package, which requires Inkscape, but even after installing
that, I can't get svg images to work in LaTeX.)

I've Googled all of these, and tried to understand the answers, though
many take a complete understanding of yet another package/tool/etc. It's
getting very discouraging. I'd really like to use org-mode, but I'm
wondering if AsciiDoc or even MarkDown might be easier.


  Peter Davis

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