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[O] Using SVG with LaTeX/PDF output

From: Peter Davis
Subject: [O] Using SVG with LaTeX/PDF output
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2016 09:50:07 -0400

Is anyone familiar with using SVG in LaTeX/PDF output? I can find
information on the svg package online, but the problem I'm having may
have to do with org-mode interaction with LaTeX.

Basically, the svg package relies on inkscape to split svg graphics into
a PDF file containing the shapes, and a pdf_tex file containing the
text, with references to the PDF graphics. However, in my system, LaTeX
seems unable to find the pdf_tex file, although I've verified that it's
in the same directory, and appears to be correct. In other words, the
calls to Inkscape seem to be working, but then LaTeX is unable to find
the resulting output.

The relevent portion of the LaTeX log seems to be:

runsystem(inkscape -z -C -f./fdnpage.svg -A./fdnpage.pdf
bled (restricted).

 <./fdnpage.png, id=171, 675.52374pt x 148.555pt>
File: ./fdnpage.png Graphic file (type png)
 <use ./fdnpage.png>
Package pdftex.def Info: ./fdnpage.png used on input line 295.
(pdftex.def)             Requested size: 422.77664pt x 92.97585pt.

! LaTeX Error: File `fdnpage.pdf_tex' not found.

Any clues on this?

Also, FWIW, here's the first line of the log:

This is pdfTeX, Version 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.17 (TeX Live 2016/W32TeX)
(preloaded format=pdflatex 2016.9.21)  13 OCT 2016 08:53

Thanks very much!


  Peter Davis

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