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[O] Call for an Emacs Library Developer

From: Jeff Rush
Subject: [O] Call for an Emacs Library Developer
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2016 22:58:09 -0500
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I'm a huge fan of Org-Mode and have tried on and off to use it to sync
tasks with Toodledo.com.  There is an Emacs library org-toodledo for
this but it has fallen into disrepair and the author of the latest fork,
@myuhe (Yuhei Maeda) can't be found.

I need it fixed in specific ways and I'm willing to pay for that work.
(the result of this work will be/remains shared w/the community)

1. migrate from Toodledo.com API 2.0 to API 3.0 (OAuth2)
2. set it up to run on Travis-CI with unit tests, so it stays working
3. extend it to use the org-agenda-list for files to sync with instead
    of just the one it does today
4. base it off the github myuhe branch as it seems to be the latest
5. add code to handle data exchange errors (bad chars in content)
    and add unit tests to test those error handlers; today it hangs
    on bad data.
6. get the result onto MELPA in a standard, proper package, along
    with all dependencies so anyone can install it easily

This module seems to be the best way forward for making the many
tasks I maintain in org-mode available bi-directionally on my Android
phone, using the Ultimate ToDo app (layers over Toodledo.com) and
the Orgzly app (syncs docs and tasks (via search expr) using Dropbox).


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