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Re: [O] How are people handling their calendars?

From: Saša Janiška
Subject: Re: [O] How are people handling their calendars?
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2016 13:09:28 +0200
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Bartholomaios Edessa <address@hidden> writes:

> to export the org agenda into a format that gnome calendar can
> understand and forward it to google calendar. Maybe we will get full
> two-way sync as well. 
> This should be doable - at least for Gnome. 

Considering that org-caldav *worked* very nicely with several calendars,
I believe it would be easier to fix this one
https://github.com/dengste/org-caldav/issues/51 since it is ’universal’
solution and one can see synced calendars even on GNOME (within
Evolution and/or GNOME’s calendar).

Of course, if/when acquringing required skills, I’ll also try to take a
look since it’s the simplest/best solution.


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