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[O] Bug with (comment-line)

From: Dushyant Juneja
Subject: [O] Bug with (comment-line)
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2016 05:27:17 +0000


(comment-line) function (bound to C-x C-; by default) seems to have a bug. Normally, with pointer on a line, if I do C-x C-; - it comments the current line. In org-mode, it adds comment at the end of the line.

For instance, I have the following verilog file (sth.sv) (line numbers for clarity only):

1: program sth;
2:    input sth_else;
3: endprogram

If I press C-x C-; on line 2, it becomes:

program sth;
   // input sth_else;

However, if I have the following in org mode:

1: #+BEGIN_SRC verilog :tangle cache.sv
2: program sth;
3:    input sth_else;
4: endprogram
5: #+END_SRC

Pressing C-x C-; with pointer on line 3 transforms it to:

1: #+BEGIN_SRC verilog :tangle sth.sv
2: program sth;
3:    input sth_else;              //
4: endprogram
5: #+END_SRC

bug or a feature? If latter, how do I comment current line in org-babel?


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