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Re: [O] speeding up Babel Gnuplot

From: Thierry Banel
Subject: Re: [O] speeding up Babel Gnuplot
Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2017 22:40:35 +0100
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Here is a patch to avoid generating temporary files multiple times.

There is no way to ensure a single call to
(org-babel-gnuplot-process-vars) without modifying ob-core.el. I don't
want to do that because I would have to change a lot of babel backends.
Thus, I come back to my first light patch.

A 'param' list is passed around. It reflects the #+BEGIN_SRC header. My
patch changes it in-place from:
  (((:var data (3000) (2999) (2998) (2997) ...
  (((:var data . "/tmp/babel-16991kSr/gnuplot-16991YBq") ...

The 'param' list behaves as a cache. There is nothing wrong with that.
The worst thing that can happen is the caching no longer working in case
'param' would be copied some day. Results would stay correct.


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