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Re: [O] Slow usage of capture templates

From: Nick Dokos
Subject: Re: [O] Slow usage of capture templates
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2017 10:35:39 -0500
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Johan Ekh <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi all
> I'm on Windows 10 with Cygwin-X and running Emacs 25.1.1 installed with 
> Cygwin installer. Org-mode version is 9.0 installed from Elpa.
> I am experiencing very slow usage of my capture templates. When I hit C-c c 
> my different templates show up but when I select one of them nothing happens 
> for a long time then after 30-60
> seconds it suddenly works as usual. This happens every time regardless of 
> which template I select.
> When I start emacs without X, i.e. with the -nw flag, my capture templates 
> works fast as usual.
> Does anyone know what I need to do?
> BR / Johan

First step is to probably profile org and see where time is spent:

M-x elp-instrument package RET org RET
... then try a capture ...
M-x elp-results

Second step is to bring up a terminal and run htop in it, then try a capture 
and see if
some process (maybe emacs, maybe something else) jumps up in CPU usage.

Also try with a minimal org file and no other customizations: it may be that 
in your configuration causes it (unless others can see the same slowness on 
similar systems).

This kind of problem may take a long time to debug, so it's important not to 
get discouraged.


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