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[O] "COMMENT" keyword not properly documented in the manual

From: Alain . Cochard
Subject: [O] "COMMENT" keyword not properly documented in the manual
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2017 17:31:07 +0100

Hello.  I am a relatively new org user; I am writing this email after
I spent all morning finding the origin of my problem and searching the
web for an explanation and a solution.

Unaware that "COMMENT" was a specific org string, I had used it at the
beginning of a headline, resulting in biased tag and string searches
('C-c a m' or 'C-c a s').  (I was unlucky: the color of the headline
was the same as the COMMENT's, so I did not notice anything strange.)
I think I finally understood, and found about the
org-agenda-skip-comment-trees variable, but...

But I don't see how I could have avoided the problem.  As far as I can
see, the "COMMENT" string only appears in the "Exporting > Comment
lines" subsection of the manual (plus a cryptic part in the "Hacking >
Using the mapping API" appendix).  So if one is not yet concerned with
exporting, one does not feel compelled to go into such details...
Besides, it isn't even specified that COMMENTing interferes with
agenda searches.

So it seems to me that something about "COMMENT" should be said at
some place(s) in the "Agenda views" section.  


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