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[O] How to set encoding for orgmode tangled file?

From: James Wong
Subject: [O] How to set encoding for orgmode tangled file?
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2017 12:57:06 +0800

Hi, all


In orgmode, is there a way to set coding system for the tangled file? For example, my default coding system is utf-8, and when I tangle some src blocks sometimes I want the tangled file to use other coding systems like chinese-gbk. It would be perfect if orgmode had a header argument (eg. :file-coding) for this. What I'm trying to do can be demonstrated with following code blocks:


begin_src mylang :file-coding 'chinese-gbk :tangle tangled.txt

  first block



begin_src mylang :tangle tangled.txt

  second block




When org-babel-tangle is called, the two src blocks should be tangled into one tangled.txt file with chinese-gbk as its coding system. Note that only the first block has the :file-coding argument.


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