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[O] [feature request] more informative error message when calling an und

From: Eric S Fraga
Subject: [O] [feature request] more informative error message when calling an undefined src block
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2017 14:45:13 +0000
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Hello all,

I have been trying to track down a nil link on export [1].  I have been
bisecting a long document.  As part of this, I commented out a src block
used elsewhere in the document.  The error trace [abridged] I get upon
export is:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument consp nil)
  org-babel-exp-code(nil lob)
  org-babel-exp-do-export(nil lob)
  org-export-as(latex nil nil nil (:output-file "t.tex"))
which was luckily just enough for me to figure out what I had done but I
think it could be more informative?  E.g. it would be nice if it said
which code it tried to invoke?


[1]  related problem: "Unable to resolve link: nil" is not very
informative either and it's driving me crazy!  I've not yet tracked down
what the problem is but it has something to do with using my own labels
for tables.  More later when I figure it out.

: Eric S Fraga (0xFFFCF67D), Emacs, Org release_9.0.3-189-ge46676

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