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Re: [O] HTML export for math markup

From: Lawrence Bottorff
Subject: Re: [O] HTML export for math markup
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2017 19:24:39 -0500

org-html-with-latex is t and org-export-with-latex is also t. I don't have a org-html-format-latex, or at least nothing comes up with C-h v org-html-format-latex. Also, how does edebug work as you, Nick, described?

On Mon, Jan 9, 2017 at 7:13 PM, Lawrence Bottorff <address@hidden> wrote:
This is the entirety of my header section. I'm sure there are redundancies etc. But again, the clean vanilla of Emacs 25.1.1 and org-mode 9.0.2 is defaulting to producing png's.

#+TITLE: \zwnj^{147}Pm SAGA
#+AUTHOR: 147Pm
#+EMAIL: address@hidden
# date ... will set (change) each time (if remembered)
#+DATE: <2015-05-09 Sat 07:53>
#+FILETAGS: :CompleteReWrite:
#+INFOJS_OPT: view:showall ltoc:t mouse:underline path:http://orgmode.org/org-info.js
#+HTML_HEAD: <link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css">
#+OPTIONS: H:10 num:4 toc:nil \n:nil @:t ::t |:t _:{} *:t ^:{} prop:t
#+OPTIONS: prop:t
#+OPTIONS: tex:imagemagick
#+LATEX_CLASS: article
# Setup tikz package for both LaTeX and HTML export:
#+LATEX_HEADER: \usepackage{tikz}
#+LaTeX_HEADER: \usepackage{pgfplots}
#+LaTeX_HEADER: \usepackage{sansmath}
#+HTML_MATHJAX: align: left indent: 5em tagside: left font: Neo-Euler
#+PROPERTY: header-args:latex+ :packages '(("" "tikz"))
#+PROPERTY: header-args:latex+ :imagemagick (by-backend (latex nil) (t "yes"))
#+PROPERTY: header-args:latex+ :exports results :fit yes
#+STARTUP: showall
#+STARTUP: align
#+STARTUP: indent
#+STARTUP: entitiespretty
#+STARTUP: logdrawer

On Mon, Jan 9, 2017 at 5:34 PM, Thierry Banel <address@hidden> wrote:
Le 09/01/2017 16:28, Lawrence Bottorff a écrit :
I've got an org file with Latex math markup, e.g. $x_2/y^3$. When I export this to HTML, it produces png files for each markup and puts them in a subfolder ltximg. Is there any way to skip this translating to pictures and just use MathJax directly. I've seen this, but my setup seems to be defaulted to png picture production, not direct MathJax rendering via "http://cdn.mathjax.org/mathjax/latest/MathJax.js?config=TeX-AMS_HTML. I understand that what's happening is this, but that's not MathJax. What am I doing (thinking) wrong?


I use
#+HTML_MATHJAX: align: left etc...
Works well.

Then you can control appearance through CSS. For instance:
.MathJax_Display {
    color: #080;
    margin: 0;

Have fun

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