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[O] [org-ref] how to tweak display of links and entries

From: Christian Wittern
Subject: [O] [org-ref] how to tweak display of links and entries
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2017 13:42:49 +0900
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Hi Org, especially Org-ref users,

I have seen a number of org-ref related questions here recently, so I guess it is OK to ask here.

I am trying to move to a more sophisticated bibliography format involving some new field types recently added to biblatex. An author field for example can look like

author = {family=Fang, given=Ailong, cjk=方愛龍},

where cjk is defined using biblatex's tools for this as a name addon. Obviously, neither parsebib, helm-bibtex or org-ref understand this format (yet). However, I do not understand where I have to intervene to display this in a reasonable way, that is family name, given name and cjk name. Is there a custom I have to redefine, or a hook I should add somewhere?

Another unrelated question is how to stop org-ref from displaying both the key and the description of the link. I seem to remember having seen some discussion here about this, but can't find it now.

Any help appreciated,


Christian Wittern, Kyoto

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