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Re: [O] Fwd: Beamer framebreak

From: John Hendy
Subject: Re: [O] Fwd: Beamer framebreak
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2017 09:22:54 -0600

On Sun, Jan 15, 2017 at 2:09 AM,  <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hello John,
>> This list is amazing and very happy to help; that said, text/email is
> ---8< Cut off ----
> Yes! Thank you very much, and I'm very sorry. I really appreciate it. I will
> prepare a good example (I hope) and send it :) .

No worries, and actually I had deleted the original thread above and
not looked at the fact that you *did* attach an example. I'm taking a
look now and have some thoughts:

- I make a lot of technical reports and presentations with Org-mode.
My personal opinion is while it *looks* like it should work as this
utopian note-taking software that can also spit out presentations from
said content... it hasn't functioned like this in my experience. In
other words, when I'm going to make a presentation, I use Org
differently than if I were just taking notes. Maybe other see it

- regarding your presentation in general, I attached a shot at how I
would go about arranging this content (and took some liberties with
the header as I'm not sure if you're going to use all that or might
have copied it from somewhere). I could see going two ways with it.
One is that you're primarily content is going to be those deeply
nested article reviews, in which case you might actually want
something like H:3 or H:4. On the other hand, I don't tend to find
deeply nested hierarchies necessary for presentations, and doubt the
audience really cares about where, exactly, they are in this
structure... they're just going to watch whatever content you show and
[hopefully] pay more attention to you than the slides anyway. In that
case, I'd flatten everything and just insert headlines to indicate a
section change manually (which is what I did).

- beamer_frame_level has been replaced with H:n, I believe.
   - old tutorial (mentioned):
   - new tutorial (not mentioned):

- for a presentation, the idea is that the H:n, where n is an
indentation level, will indicate which of your headline depths are
intended to be slides/frames, with the rest functioning simply as
organizing sections. You're sort of mixing and matching depending on
how deep you want to go in a given section, which is why things are
goofy. Also, with your question on slide 3/4 initially, I believe
your'e asking why "Notes on project description" and "Notes on project
summary" are on the same slide? They are a list, not headlines, so Org
doesn't recognize them as having anything to do with frames. Org
thinks they are content (bullets).

FInd .org and resultant .pdf attached. I mangled your content quite a
bit and not knowing anything about knees took some liberties with
adding content :)

Hope that helps some?


> Edgar
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