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Re: [O] How do you store web pages for reference?

From: Robert Horn
Subject: Re: [O] How do you store web pages for reference?
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2017 11:52:59 -0500
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There is also a Firefox plugin "ScrapBook X", which is a successor to
Scrapbook.  It can capture the web page alone (with links to outside
world) and allows you to select by depth or link additional pages
that are also to be captured.  (If you have infinite time and storage
with the right links you might attempt to capture the entire Internet.
Something like capture all pages to link depth 1000 comes to mind.)

I use it to capture a variety of things.  Each capture is stored in a
directory tree of html, css, etc. rooted at a time-date tag for when the
capture was performed.

I have not seen nor attempted to integrate it with org or any other
tools.  This is feasible in theory, since the file
<date-time>/index.html is a valid page starting point and links are been
rewritten as appropriate.  Something like "firefox
scrapbook-root/20170115205014/index.html" would be a proper reference.
The more the page content becomes active content like javascript, the
less likely that the page capture will save what you want, but that's
inherent with active content.

It would be nice to capture more metadata (like Zotero), but it only
preserves minimal metadata about the capture.

R Horn

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