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[O] wraptable

From: Gert van Oss
Subject: [O] wraptable
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2017 08:02:17 -0500

Good day,

I’m looking for a way to have wrapped tables on the right side in my document. 
A global setting is preferred if a wrapped table is possible anyhow.

I tried in my ‘file.org'

Just som text..
#+LaTeX: \input{myWrappedTable}

file: myWrappedTable.tex

  \caption{A wrapped table}\label{myTable}
Header first column & second-column & third-column \\\midrule
2 &3 & 5\\  \midrule
2 &3 & 5\\  
2 &3 & 5\\  \bottomrule

However the table never ends up where I expect (hoped) it to be.


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