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Re: [O] What would you like to see in the next MobileOrg iOS?

From: Jarmo Hurri
Subject: Re: [O] What would you like to see in the next MobileOrg iOS?
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2017 17:51:49 +0200
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> We've started plans on the future version of MobileOrg, dubbed just v2
> currently.

I was very happy to see that you are considering the possibility to sync
MobileOrg and (regular) Org via git. If you can do that, then I will be
more than happy to jump on board - have wanted to for quite some time.

In general for me syncing the two systems needs to be as transparent as
possible. The use of a true version control upstream repo as a
synchronization point would convince me that I could _always_ fix a mess
in case there would be one.

Then just add builtin features in both base Org and MobileOrg to

1. push and pull over ssl presto

2. (automatically) sense whether the downstream or upstream repo is
   newer, and do / suggest push / pull actions accordingly.

That would be so great.

Hope my terminology made some sense.

I am sure a lot more requests and features will come in mind after
starting to use your new, brilliant version.


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