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[O] Dr Wozniak’s tasklist implementation

From: Michal Rus
Subject: [O] Dr Wozniak’s tasklist implementation
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2017 16:10:08 +0100


I’d like to start using dr Wozniak’s tasklist idea [1] in Org. He’s
the original author of spaced repetition and SuperMemo.

It’s about assigning values ($) and time (hrs) to each task. Then,
priorities ($ divided by hrs) can be calculated, and then you do the
tasks with the highest priority; effectively, spending your time in
the most valuable way. (That is if you assign the value and time
correctly, but it can be learned.)

Is there anything like that implemented? I couldn’t find anything.

If not, how hard would it be? Where would it be best to start?

Thank you!

    [1] https://www.supermemo.com/articles/tasklists.htm

Michal Rus

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