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[O] dairy-float not working?

From: Ken Mankoff
Subject: [O] dairy-float not working?
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2017 20:20:44 -0500
User-agent: mu4e 0.9.19; emacs

I have

* Example
SCHEDULED: <%%(diary-float t 0 2)>

Which used to schedule an event on the 2nd sunday of every month. This has 
stopped working a month or two ago. I'm not sure if it is related to recent 
upgrades to Org 9 a few months ago. I'm now using 9.0.4. It works with the 
emacs default 8.2.10. Before I start bisecting a massive init.org file to try 
to find what might have broken this, I wanted to check if "diary-float" is 
working for others.



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