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[O] Justifying a formula

From: Lawrence Bottorff
Subject: [O] Justifying a formula
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2017 15:20:09 -0500

Here's what I have in a buffer:

* This basic pseudo-code tells of an internally-defined variable that holds, /accumulates/ as the recursion drills down:

sumprod(x) \equiv if \; eq(x,NIL) \; then \; 2.list(s,p) \\
 else \\
  \{let \; z = sumprod(cdr(x)) \\
    2.list(car(z) + car(x), car(cdr(z) \cdot car(x))\}

which produces this as HTML:

sumprod(x) ≡ if eq(x,NIL) then 2.list(s,p)
                         {let z = sumprod(cdr(x))
 2.list(car(z) + car(x), car(cdr(z) ⋅ car(x))}

which seems to be right justified. How can I get normal left justification?


#+HTML_MATHJAX: align: left indent: 5em tagside: left font: Neo-Euler

seems to be ignored. Latex seems to have


but I'm assuming org-mode HTML export doesn't really use this. (Actually, Latex export ignores

#+LaTeX_HEADER: \usepackage{mathtools}
#+LaTeX_HEADER: \usepackage[fleqn]{mathtools}

as well.)

Latest, greatest everything.



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