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Re: [O] org-mode markup vs rst for general content

From: John Kitchin
Subject: Re: [O] org-mode markup vs rst for general content
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2017 13:50:43 -0500
User-agent: mu4e 0.9.19; emacs 25.1.1

Could you be more specific about what kind of richness you are looking
for? Many people blog from org-mode, including myself. I use org-mode to
generate html that is rendered with blogofile
(http://kitchingroup.cheme.cmu.edu) but others do many other variations.

Personally, org-mode meets all my markup needs and exceeds what is
possible for me in rst, e.g. in rst I do not get to run code blocks,
collapse outlines, etc. (at least out of the box with rst mode).

Saša Janiška writes:

> Hello,
> I’m using org-mode for my task management and it works great…moving to
> static-site-generators which do support writing web-content/blog-posts
> using both org-mode and rst markup, so consider how does org-mode markup
> compare in comparison with the richness of rst markup when it comes to
> the general content (blog posts, articles etc.)?
> Anyone sufficiently familiar with both can help and shed some light,
> since, both markups have decent support withing Emacs itself?
> Sincerely,
> Gour

Professor John Kitchin
Doherty Hall A207F
Department of Chemical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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