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Re: [O] org-mode markup vs rst for general content

From: Alan L Tyree
Subject: Re: [O] org-mode markup vs rst for general content
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2017 09:28:19 +1100
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On 11/03/17 07:32, Samuel Wales wrote:
On 3/10/17, Eric S Fraga <address@hidden> wrote:
I would say Markdown if you are collaborating with someone not familiar
with Emacs. The Pandoc version will do a surprising amount.  Org-mode
for nearly everything else, but if you need more, go on to LaTeX.
Excellent summary.
the pandoc version of ...?  org->markdown->pandoc->word?
The opinion is mine (I don't want Eric embarrassed by my opinions!!). The pandoc version of Markdown is what I meant. And I definitely prefer org-mode, but the context was one of collaboration with someone who has never used Emacs. I had no hope of converting him from Word to Emacs/org-mode, but he was happy with Markdown. The text was simply enough that none of the complexities that you mention below arose.

Also, on export to Word: my export path actually was org -> LaTeX -> LibreOffice. The last step uses a special script that is part of the tex4ht (I even got the name wrong before) package: oolatex.

For some reason, the Debian Jessie package does not install oolatex on the PATH. On my system it is installed at /usr/share/tex4ht/oolatex.

oolatex will pause periodically, at least on a long manuscript. Restart by typing 'x'.


i think a major feature would be working with internal links.  so
you'd export a subtree, and links to locations in the subtree would be
supported.  does markdown do that?

also, org-export-with-tasks can't be supported by pandoc, because
presumably it doesn't go off and inspect your .emacs, but can it
support the properties drawer equivalent?

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