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[O] Default silent results

From: Jarmo Hurri
Subject: [O] Default silent results
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2017 17:30:52 +0200
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An old org-code of mine stopped working, and while trying to fix it I
bumped into the following. What am I missing here?


* test
  A simple code block.
  #+name: org-block
  #+BEGIN_SRC org
  | foo | bar |
  |   1 |   2 |

  A silent call produces no results as expected.
  #+call: org-block() :results silent

  This produces results as expected.
  #+call: org-block() :results replace

  | foo | bar |
  |   1 |   2 |

  But this also behaves like silent, while the manual says that the
  default is "replace."
  #+call: org-block()

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