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Re: [O] How do you store web pages for reference?

From: Alan Schmitt
Subject: Re: [O] How do you store web pages for reference?
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2017 08:08:28 +0100
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Hello Peter,

On 2017-03-13 13:43, Peter Salazar <address@hidden> writes:

> By the way, you can definitely save a PDF with links if you prefer that. I 
> use DevonThink, and I use this snippet to save
> a PDF of a webpage, complete with links.
> javascript:window.location='x-devonthink://createPDF?title='+encodeURIComponent
> (document.title)+'&location='+encodeURIComponent(window.location)+'&referrer='+encodeURIComponent
> (document.referrer)+'&paginated=No&width='+window.innerWidth;

Thank you for the suggestion, I was doing something similar, but as I'm
planning to switch to Linux I need to stop using DevonThink.

I'm now using org-board (https://github.com/scallywag/org-board). It
works great and I even tweaked it to add the files to IPFS after
downloading them.



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