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[O] source block name contains "call"

From: Skip Collins
Subject: [O] source block name contains "call"
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2017 21:06:27 -0400

I am editing some Perl. When I export any source block that includes
the word "call" in the name, it causes the verbatim formatting to be
dropped. This happens with both html and latex exports. The problem
does not seem to be limited to Perl. A minimal example:

* foo
#+name: call_foo
#+begin_src perl
##  This is a comment

* bar
#+name: bar
#+begin_src perl
##  This is a comment

The code under the first heading is exported as normal org text,
omitting the #+name and #+begin_src lines, but including the #+end_src
line. The second heading is exported as expected, with the source
block properly formatted verbatim. The word "call" seems to be the
trigger for the bad behavior.

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