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[O] Inline notes and alignment

From: Sven Bretfeld
Subject: [O] Inline notes and alignment
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2017 14:56:57 +0100
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Hi everybody

Since some months ago the body of inline notes is no longer
automatically aligned correctly. This is what is expected:

*********************** Header
                        - cursor goes here
*********************** END

This is what happens instead:

*********************** Header
- cursor goes here
*********************** END

If I align the text body manually with whitespaces, is gets correctly
aligned for further text or list items produced with M-RET. But this is

I don't know if I changed any configuration or if it came with an
update. Until half a year ago, the cursor was correctly placed below the
header immediately after producing an inline note with C-c C-x t.

Any ideas?



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