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Re: [O] Inline notes and alignment

From: Sven Bretfeld
Subject: Re: [O] Inline notes and alignment
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2017 16:08:29 +0100
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Nicolas Goaziou writes:

> Hello,
> Sven Bretfeld <address@hidden> writes:
>> Since some months ago the body of inline notes is no longer
>> automatically aligned correctly. This is what is expected:
>> *********************** Header
>>                         - cursor goes here
>> *********************** END
>> This is what happens instead:
>> *********************** Header
>> - cursor goes here
>> *********************** END
> I changed the indentation rule a while ago (could be years), so it is
> aligned "correctly" albeit differently. IIRC the main motivations were :
> too much wasted space on the left, and a slower "org-indent.el".

Ah, ok I see. Thank you for the reply. Is there any easy way to return
to the old rules? With a wide-screen monitor and Emacs permanently in
fullscreen I don't care about waste of left space. 



Sven Bretfeld
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
NTNU Trondheim

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